Core Values

Core Values

DREAM's Core Values are the philosophical cornerstones that steer us towards our mission. They are used together, as a unified whole, throughout our organization. For an in-depth description of each core value, check out DREAM Core Values.


A culture of honest communication will be cultivated among all DREAM stakeholders. While some of our work is sensitive and requires confidentiality, the organization’s decisions will be made openly between everyone involved in the decision-making process.

Empowerment through Ownership

Individuals will be entrusted with control over the decisions in their work. By distributing responsibility, DREAM maximizes its available resources and ensures shared enthusiasm for the program.

Contagious Energy

Our program creates a fun and attractive environment where diverse interests are encouraged and new ideas are supported. Those outside the program will sense this energy and will be drawn to DREAM.  Contagious energy perpetuates the feeling that anything is possible with a can-do attitude.

Supportive Community

The children, parents, mentors, staff, alumni, and other supporters of DREAM are part of a single community that rallies behind individuals to help them face challenges, overcome differences, and succeed.


DREAM must be physically and emotionally safe for all of its participants - mentors, children, and adults.

Encourage Dreaming

Each mentor's experience challenges us to unlock our dreams and share them with our partners, and each mentor is charged with discovering and encouraging the youth's dreams.

Responsible Citizens

Our work impacts local and non-local communities positively. To be responsible citizens, we will seriously and respectfully consider all people we impact in our programming and purchasing decisions.


We understand that personal qualities such as race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and others affect the experience that each of us will have in DREAM, and we strive to honor and celebrate our differences across the entire organization.