Risk Management

Risk Management

DREAM recognizes the importance of risk management in the landscape of youth programs. We use numerous best practices and policies to guide our program with regards to safety for all participants - youth, volunteers and staff.

Volunteers and staff are thoroughly screened prior to being put in a one-on-one situation with a youth. Our organization uses the “Elements of Effective Practice” established by MENTΏR: The National Mentoring Partnership in all phases of our program for which it is applicable. In addition, we follow any state or local guidelines that apply to a particular Local Program based on its region or location.

Internally, DREAM has established policies with regard to mentor boundaries, transportation and travel, and for reporting of child abuse or neglect. Each mentor or volunteer is oriented to these policies and guidelines prior to working with a youth in a one-on-one setting. In addition, because our model that encourages a combination of group and one-on-one mentoring, it provides a safe setting for youth, mentors, and other volunteers.

Links to policies, procedures and best practices are below:

Insurance Information

As part of our risk management strategy, DREAM also carries insurance policies. These policies serve to protect the organization, its volunteers, and the other organizations that partner with DREAM. DREAM currently carries three forms of program insurance:               

  • General Liability Insurance - DREAM carries a general liability insurance policy with a total coverage of one million dollars per incident, two million dollars aggregate. The coverage is through the Burlington Insurance Company of Burlington, North Carolina. Certain outside organizations with which DREAM works closely, such as housing authorities and colleges, are named as additional insureds on the policy. DREAM works with Kinney Pike Insurance to identify and maintain cost-effective and appropriate insurance coverage.
  • Accident Insurance - For the High Adventure program and other DREAM activities such as athletics and trips, DREAM carries accident insurance through Mutual of Omaha. This policy provides full excess coverage for expenses that are not recoverable from any other insurance policy.
  • Volunteer Insurance - DREAM carries insurance coverage through The CIMA Companies to protect its volunteers beyond any outside insurance coverage that they maintain. Through CIMA, DREAM carries one million dollars in personal liability insurance to cover each volunteer's liability for bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury for which they are found responsible. CIMA also provides five hundred thousand dollars in excess automobile insurance coverage for volunteers who drive as part of their activities