Adventure & Summer

The DREAM Program is a welcoming community that provides mentoring and youth programs to families living in affordable housing neighborhoods. We strive to bring volunteers and resources to each neighborhood to enrich the life of each youth and to ultimately empower them to live a healthy, productive, fulfilling life.

Adventure and summer programs are an integral piece of our Theory of Change and provide important enrichment to our mentoring programs. Adventure programs take place during both the school year and the summer. The summer also hosts our community programs, which occur in each of the neighborhoods with which we partner.

Our Adventure and Summer programs are supported by both our mentors and our staff. Our programs include:

  • Summer Enrichment Program - our Summer Enrichment Program takes place in each neighborhood with which we work. The program offers at least one day per week for youth to participate in local opportunities. Activities typically take youth to participate in other local camps, service opportunities, on field trips to local attractions and provide arts, crafts and games in their own neighborhood.
  • Camp DREAM - available primarily to youth in Vermont, Camp DREAM offers programs and opportunities year-round and is located in Fletcher, VT.
  • Winter Adventure - programs differ by location, but aim to offer mentees and mentors an opportunity to experience the outdoors during the winter. 
  • High Adventure - a program inspired by and led by mentors and teenage mentees. Local Programs plan summer adventures, taking them to locations most participants have never visited. They participate in activities that expand their comfort zone and provide exposure to new places and fun! High Adventures have gone as far as Alaska and Colorado and have stayed close to home, traveling to new location on the east coast.
  • Internship Program - internships available through the DREAM Program offer opportunities to college students hoping to gain experience in the non-profit sector while focusing on direct service and program management. Internships are available each summer in all of our locations.
  • Volunteer Program - The DREAM Program is successful because of the dedication and hard work of volunteers. While our typical volunteer opportunity is that of a mentor, opportunities are available year-round for those who are not college students and do not qualify to be a mentor. Camp DREAM relies on volunteers to operate its summer program and the growth of our programs has been largely the result of volunteers.

Participants of all ages are welcomed in our Adventure and Summer programs. Our participants include:

  • Youth - programs are available to youth from each of our partner neighborhoods.
  • Parents, guardians and siblings - family members are encouraged to take part in programs, whether as a chaperone, providing transportation or volunteering in many other ways.
  • Mentors - mentors are welcomed to volunteer in all of our programs and are especially helpful during summer months as volunteers.
  • Volunteers - anyone who would like to volunteer to help with our Adventure and Summer programs can inquire about upcoming opportunities. The DREAM Program is an inclusive community and aims to provide volunteer opportunities to anyone who is willing.