Alumni Appeal

Alumni Appeal

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The Alumni Appeal is a fundraising effort designed to provide former mentors and mentees and opportunity to make monetary donations to support the DREAM Program. Each year, a committee of former DREAMers works with DREAM’s Support Staff to develop fundraising goals and incentives, decide where to allocate the money that is raised and to lead the outreach to Alumni. 

Learn about this year’s Alumni Appeal:


  • Secure donations from 25% of the former DREAMers from each Local Program

Incentives and Challenges

  • New Donors - Some new donor contributions will be increased by $10.  If you have never donated to DREAM before, this is a great year to start.
  • Increases over 2012 - Donors who increase their contributions over their 2012 amounts will have that increase matched, dollar-for-dollar.


If a total of $35,000 is reached during the campaign:

  • $25,000 will be allocated to The DREAM Program in the Greater Boston area for its general operating expenses.
  • $5,000 will be allocated to the Alumni Endowment Fund and the Alumni Grant Process.
  • $5,000 will be allocated to The DREAM Program's expansion efforts.