Organization & Council

Organization & Council

Our mission is to engage Alumni as lifelong members of the DREAM community.

The DREAM Program's Alumni Organization is made up of DREAM mentors, mentees and individuals who have been designated Honorary Alumnus/Alumna. The organization is governed by the Alumni Council, which spearheads the Alumni Organization's initiatives and monitors its adherence to the organization's constitution. Together, the organization's members strive to do everything they can to support DREAM's sustainability and mission. This includes maintaining relationships among children, mentors, alumni, staff and members of the extended DREAM family, as well as sharing the distribution of information, resources, and opportunities with them.

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Organization Initiatives                 

The Alumni Organization supports DREAM's core values through five primary initiatives:

  • Community: This goal of this initiative is to maintain a sense of community within the alumni body. Activities include the alumni newsletter, new alumni welcome events, and regional events, like reunions.
  • Connection: The purpose of this initiative is to connect generations of DREAMers. DREAM should remain present in the lives of all alumni, just as alumni should remain present in DREAM's ongoing operations.
  • Knowledge: The goal of this initiative is to take advantage of the wealth of information held by alumni and to preserve DREAM's history. This initiative supports institutional memory and provides resources to Local Programs.
  • Money: The purpose of this initiative is to encourage alumni to remain a part of DREAM's program growth and financial sustainability. This initiative helps with raising, managing and disbursing money to support DREAM. In addition to managing DREAM’s Alumni Endowment Fund, this initiative also collaborates with DREAM’s staff on the following projects:
    • Alumni Appeal: Collaborate with DREAM’s staff to run an annual fundraising campaign targeting DREAM Alumni.
    • Alumni Grant Process: Collaborate with DREAM's staff to administer and grant money to Local Programs. Local Program’s apply for Alumni Grants on a semester cycle and the Alumni Organization members who volunteer to review grants award money Local Programs to support their local DREAM efforts.
  • Governing Bodies: This initiative places one individual on both the Alumni Council and the DREAM Board of Directors.  Its goal is to ensure open, ongoing communication between two of DREAM's leadership bodies, which in turn encourages constant collaboration on the strategic direction of the entire organization. The position is a full, voting member of both the DREAM Alumni Council and the DREAM Board of Directors.

If you are interested in chairing an initiative, participating on a committee that supports an initiative or just volunteering extra time to support an initiative, please email

Alumni Council                                         

The Alumni Council governs the Alumni Organization. It consists of former mentors, mentees and honorary alumni who choose to volunteer their time to support and strengthen DREAM. Council members are elected and serve terms. If you are interested in joining the council, please email

Council Members

  • Optimus Prime (President): Adam Goldfarb, Dartmouth '07 *
  • Constitution Keeper (Secretary): Chris Ellingwood, Champlain '06 *
  • Community Initiative Chair:
    • Blue Wagon Editor: Brian Bensch, Dartmouth '09 
  • Connection Initiative Chair: Natalie Watson, St. Michael's '12
  • Knowledge Initiative Chair: Monique Prevost, Champlain '11
  • Money Initiative Chair: Julia Risk, UVM '08
    • Alumni Appeal Chair: Frieda Arenos, UVM '08
    • Alumni Grant Chair:
  • Governing Bodies Initiative Member: AJ LeGaye, Dartmouth ‘07
  • Staff Advisors: Sandy Mervak, UVM ‘09 and Development Director; Mike Loner, Executive Director                                        

The Alumni Council is holding elections for the President and Constitution Keeper positions beginning March 14, 2014. The full position descriptions for these positions is listed below.

Alumni Council President

The President of the DREAM Alumni Council is to be elected at-large from and by the Alumni membership and will serve for two years. All Alumni members are eligible for nomination.

The President shall preside at all membership meetings and shall by virtue of the office be the Chair of the Alumni Organization.
The President acts as the main liaison between the Alumni Organization and the DREAM Central Office through constant communication with the DREAM Executive Director and coordinates the overall vision of the Alumni Organization, supporting the Initiative Committee Chairs with their work.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for recruiting interested volunteers to fill the seats of the Alumni Council
  • Actively maintains the involvement of all Council members
  • Sets overall vision for the direction of the Alumni Organization and its Initiative Areas
  • Conducts periodic check-ins with Initiative Heads between regularly scheduled meetings
  • Sets the agenda and leads discussion for all Alumni Council Meetings

Alumni Council Constitution Keeper

The Constitution Keeper of the Alumni Council is to be elected at-large from and by the Alumni membership and will serve for two years. All Alumni members are eligible for nomination.

The Constitution Keeper shall ensure that the Alumni Organization Constitution stays up-to-date, and that it is followed at all times. The Constitution Keeper shall also keep the minutes and records of the Alumni Organization and shall communicate this information with the Alumni Organization membership and the DREAM Central Office. The Constitution Keeper works closely with the DREAM Central Office to effectively inform all Alumni members of the actions and visions of the Alumni Organization.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Develops and maintains the Alumni Council Constitution so that it is a functional document
  • Ensures that the Alumni Council runs in accordance with the Constitution, or, alternatively, that the Council takes steps to update Constitution to reflect intended operations
  • Runs regularly scheduled elections for Alumni Council President

If you are interested in joining the council, please email your name, graduation year, college, and/or Local Program name to