Through the Money Initiative, the Alumni Organization encourages alumni to remain a part of DREAM's program growth and financial sustainability. This initiative helps support raising, managing and disbursing money to support DREAM.  The initiative is also responsibile for ensuring that the Alumni Endowment Fund is used to support DREAM in the most effective way possible.

The regular projects and programs sponsored by the Money Initiative include:

  • Alumni Appeal: Collaborate with DREAM’s staff to run an annual fundraising campaign targeting DREAM Alumni.
  • Alumni Grant Process: Collaborate with DREAM's staff to administer and grant money to Local Programs. Local Program’s apply for Alumni Grants on a semester cycle and the Alumni Organization members who volunteer to review grants award money Local Programs to support their local DREAM efforts.
  • Founders Fund: A fund established by DREAM’s founders to support mentee efforts to continue their educational careers once leaving high school.

If you are interested in becoming involved with the Money Initiative, please email

Alumni Grant Process

Through an application process that takes place each semester, Alumni Grants award partial funding (between $100 and $1,000) to Local Programs for projects that embody creativity and big ideas. Past grant recipients have used money to create beautification projects in DREAM communities and to fund trips to culminating experience destinations. The Alumni Grant is administered by DREAM Support Staff and DREAM Alumni through a collaborative effort.

The process requires a group of alumni to form a committee each semester to review grants and decide on the awards they will distribute. In addition, Local Programs are ask to report back to the committee. This encourages responsible use of the funds granted and models the grant process commonly used by most organizations, empowering students to seek out grants from other organizations.

Committee members are asked to serve a two semester term, starting in either August or January.