Poultney's Culminating Adventure

Mon, 2015-04-27 15:48 -- awalk

Over the weekend, the Poultney program came together for a day of adventure. The group traveled all the way to Waterbury to see legendary Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory after first stopping for pizza, of course. The group had a great time learning about the company's history and also trying free samples! The group enjoyed eating ice cream and exploring the Flavor Graveyard before ending the day with a scavenger hunt at the playground. All in all, the group had a great time and it was totally worth the long drive! 

Spring Fling in Hickory Street!

Tue, 2015-04-07 15:29 -- awalk

On Aril 2nd (April fools!, it was the first), Hickory street came together in celebration and recruitment. Our very own Program Empowerment Director Ariana Walk planned and put on a Spring Fling for all community members in the Hickory Street neighborhood. In addition to DREAM veterans, two new families  came and had a blast. The group enjoyed an egg hunt with Halloween-themed goodies in spirit of April Fool's Day and also participated in activities like zombie-making, collaging and cards.

Teen Retreat Success!

Tue, 2015-04-07 15:14 -- awalk

On the last weekend of March, 22 teens and one mentor plus staff all came together in South Burlington to hold the annual Teen Identities Retreat! The teens had a great time goofing off and hanging out with friends, meeting new people, and learning about themselves. The group even went to a nursing home where teens coached and tutored the elderly on technological skills! The group also learned about which leadership style they take on and what it means as well as personal identities and whether they are 'given' or 'chosen'.


Fri, 2015-04-03 14:48 -- awalk

It's that time again! Mentors are putting their heads together in thought of the most exciting culminating adventures that they can think of! In the runnings are trips to Ben and Jerry's in Waterbury, VT and a camping trip in southern Vermont! Youth don't yet know what they are in for and will surely be overjoyed when they find out! Do not hesitate to stay in the loop and show up at one of the program's events! Here is what we have in store:


April 18th:

Tim Wright

Tim has chaired the Growth Team since its inception in 2013.   He was an early DREAM mentor at Dartmouth College and has been an enthusiastic supporter of  DREAM’s growth and expansion ever since.   He lives in New York, where he is a Managing Director and Head of Strategy in the Americas for Deutsche Bank’s Asset & Wealth Management division.


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