Summer Community Update: Hickory Street/Forest Park and Poultney

Mon, 2014-07-28 16:45 -- asiegel

It is hard to believe that another summer has flown by! Even though this summer was shorter than most, that does not mean that it held the Poultney and new Hickory Street/Forest Park program from having a blast!

The summer started off quiet and a bit nerve wracking when community intern Samantha Abrahamsen was told that she would be walking around Hickory Street and Forest Park in Rutland introducing herself to people she did not know.

College Road Trip

Thu, 2014-07-24 11:52 -- scaliendo

DREAM is excited to be sending a group of Philadelphia and Vermont DREAM teens on the 4th annual College Road Trip!  

Vermont trip leaders Gabi Kaplan and Emil Toledano are taking a group of 5 all star teens to New York City for 7 days, where they will see 7 colleges and will explore the city. 

Boston Program Director

Thu, 2014-07-24 11:11 -- rlieberman

The DREAM Program is currently seeking an outstanding individual to serve as the Boston Program Director. The Program Director’s primary responsibility is overseeing DREAM’s five Boston area Local Programs and Summer Enrichment Programs. Working collaboratively with college student mentors, youth, community members, and other stakeholders, the Program Director ensures that DREAM’s Village Mentoring model is successfully implemented in the Boston area.

Greetings from Salmon Run's Summer VISTA!

Wed, 2014-07-16 13:55 -- mhengstler

Below is a message from Sarah Troupes, Salmon Run's Summer Community VISTA.

This is DREAM’s first summer in the Salmon Run community and so far we’ve done a lot of different activities.  The summer started off with an ice cream social where Ben and Jerry’s so graciously donated some of their delicious ice cream.  Youth from the community came out and got to indulge in some delectable cotton candy dessert followed by an intense game of duck, duck, goose.  There was lots of running, laughing and cheering.


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