The DREAM Program in the Greater Boston area began in 2009. An initial partnership with Orchard Gardens and Madison Park in Roxbury pushed DREAM to develop relationships with Boston University and Northeastern University. 

Today, DREAM operates four Local Programs in the Greater Boston area:

  •     Madison Park paired with Northeastern University (est. 2009)
  •     Orchard Gardens paired with Boston University (est. 2009)
  •     Putman Gardens paired with Harvard University (est. 2011)
  •     Somerville Housing Authority paired with Tufts University (est. 2011)

Support for these programs comes from our office in Roxbury located within the Orchard Gardens neighborhood.

Each of these Local Programs runs traditional DREAM activities throughout the school year and transitions to community recreation and adventure programs during the summer months. During the summer, DREAM connects with partner programs and resources to provide enriching summer experiences for each mentee.