The DREAM Program is a welcoming community that provides mentoring and youth programs to children and families living in affordable housing neighborhoods. We strive to bring volunteers and resources to each neighborhood in order to enrich the lives of each participating youth and to ultimately empower them to live a healthy, productive, fulfilling lives.

Mentors are the backbone of our Local Programs. DREAM is a student-led organization consisting of volunteer mentors from each of the colleges and universities with which we partner. Mentors are charged with providing the leadership within their Local Program as well as with the goal of making DREAM the best student-led organization on their campus.

DREAM mentors are highly valued withing the organization, as are our mentees. The strength of DREAM's program model lies in the fact that mentors are encouraged to join with their mentees to take full ownership of their Local Program and to DREAM big!

To be a mentor, a volunteer should be:

  • a student at one of our partner colleges or universities.
  • an individual who is interested in developing a meaningful relationship with a youth from the community surrounding their college or university.
  • an individual who is interested in joining a group of passionate students, who together will empower youth from their surrounding community to DREAM big.
  • an individual who wants to create friendships through mentoring that will last a lifetime.
  • an individual who is interested in dedicating a portion of their collegiate experience to a life-changing organization like the DREAM Program.
  • an individual who loves to have fun!

If you are one of these individuals, contact our office nearest you to find out if there is a DREAM Local Program on your campus - Contact us!

How to use the resources on this website

This portion of our site is dedicated to empowering volunteers to be extraordinary mentors, role models and leaders for their Local Program, whether that is as a mentor to a child, a co-chair of a Local Program or anything in between. Mentors can search each section to find all of the items necessary for their Local Program to operate. You will find:

  • Forms - All of the documentation needed to become/admit a new mentor, a new child/mentee and all the items necessary to support mentoring relationships.  The forms are region specific and based on best practices for the state in which the Local Program resides.
  • Safety and Incident Reporting - Guidelines and tools to operate safely as a mentor and to assist in reporting incidents that happen while participating in DREAM.
  • Activities, adventures and resources - A searchable database of all of the activities, adventures and resources the DREAM Program has collected over the years.  Visit this page to submit a resource your Local Program has used so that it can be shared for future DREAMing.
  • Fundraising - Assistance and suggestions geared to help Local Programs raise funds to facilitate innovative programs and activities.
  • Local Program Toolbox - The toolbox contains items that DREAM has developed to guide student leaders and mentors as they strive to make their Local Program the best student-led organization on their campus.