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cabot.png  Mike Foote (Cabot Celebrity Award Winner) and the beginning of DREAM Philadelphia




DREAM Philly’s first program site, at Cecil B. Moore Apartments, was launched in November, 2013. DREAM's second site, at Fairhill Apartments, opened in January of 2014 and a third site, Westpark Apartments in West Philadelphia, opened a few months later in March, 2014.  In 2016, we opened our fourth site, at Beckett Gardens Apartments.

Today, our core programs are running strong and DREAM Philly is expecting to grow to reach more youth in the near future!

The DREAM Philadelphia staff office is located on-site at 1614 N 16th St. Our Fairhill site is located at 2443 N 11th St and our Westpark site is located at 300 N. Busti St. Our Beckett Gardens site is located at the Beckett Life Center, 1410 N 16th St.





The DREAM Philadelphia staff hails from various areas in the country. Jay MacFadgen (middle, left), our fearless leader and Program Director, is originally from Boston, MA. Syria Aaron (right), Flannery Bohne (Back right), and Ridhdhi Parmar (left), the Program Empowerment Directors are from Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Connecticut respectively. Jen Horan (front, right), our resident Regional Director and all-around wizard, is originally from Pennsylvania, but has lived in Charleston, South Carolina. Kathryn Librizzi (front, left), our Development Assistant, also has roots in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.



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