There are numerous ways to volunteer with The DREAM Program. We thank you for considering donating your time and skills to DREAM. All volunteers are valuable to our organization and help us fulfill our mission of empowering children who live in affordable housing neighborhoods.

As a volunteer with dream you can:

  • Be a mentor
    • For information about becoming a DREAM mentor in Vermont, click here.
    • For information about becoming a DREAM mentor in the Greater Boston area, click here.
  • Be a camp counselor - Volunteers support Camp DREAM throughout our summer and winter sessions. If you would like to be a Volunteer Camp Counselor, visit our Work With Us page to explore current opportunities and apply.
  • Assist at a Camp Workday - Camp DREAM owes all of its physical development to volunteers. We host families, corporations, classes, AmeriCorps Work Crews and individuals who would like to contribute to DREAM using their skills and time. Contact our office in South Burlington, Vermont for more information about joining a scheduled Camp Workday or organizing your own day for your group.
  • Assist with fundraising - The DREAM Program operates at least three fundraising campaigns per year and assistance with these campaigns is always welcomed. If you are interested in joining one of our existing campaigns or would like to spearhead your own fundraising effort on behalf of DREAM, please contact our office in South Burlington, Vermont.
  • Assist at an event - The DREAM Program hosts numerous large events each year, most of which include programs for our mentees or our mentors. If you have a particular skill or would just like to assist with one of our events, contact the DREAM office nearest you to explore opportunities.

Have your own idea?  Please contact the DREAM office closest to you to pitch your idea or make a suggestion - Contact Us!