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Academic Support

Local chapters of DREAM offer a variety of elements for Academic Support. First and foremost, DREAM mentors and staff work with families and mentees to understand their academic goals. Then DREAM works to build a supportive community around each mentee: connecting resources, providing homework help, assisting in the college application process, and instructing on academic skills like reading and studying.

DREAM is also in the process of launching a scholarship program to support individual  mentees in and close the tuition gap after high school. You can donate to a specific mentee's tuition gap below; please direct any questions to


DREAM can be the cherry on top

for well-rounded Academic Support.


College Guidance

Tutoring and Projects

Educational Exploring

Problem solving is a life skill. Our mentors help with homework and lead fun science and engineering projects!

Adventures can take on many forms! We love educational trips like a day spent at the local museum or fire department.