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Camp DREAM Adventure Base

There are many ways to take advantage of the amazing resource that is the Camp DREAM property!


→ Do you live in a DREAM housing community? You can now sign up your child for a session of Camp DREAM online.

→ Are you a DREAM staff or service member? Submit a request here to use Camp for your culminating event/retreat/winter adventure/programming visit!


→ Are you an adult with summer camp FOMO? You can rent out Camp DREAM on Airbnb when camp is not in session! Sleep in the treehouse, canoe, hike the local woods, get the grill going, swim in the lake...all proceeds benefit the DREAM Program in serving our youth. 


→ We are also developing the Camp Lodge as a rustic, DREAMy event venue on select weekends. Interested? Contact the Events Manager for more info. 

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