Our Impact

Mentor & Mentee Story

"Through DREAM, my kids
were able to again see their true place in the world, feel valued for who they were and what they had to
offer, and begin to dream of a future where they were cherished and respected outside the walls of our
apartment." - Parent

"Through DREAM I got to see college life in a way that no campus tour can expose. I got to live a part of the life of a student. My time with DREAM made me realize how much fun it is to be living on a campus alongside other who will join me in melding with the rest of the world. My mentors taught me that the most important thing in this world is not how you succeed as a student but how you succeed as a person, cooperating with those in the world around you. Without DREAM, I and others like me may never have learned what it means to live with others, instead of living among others."

-Former DREAM mentee