Local Programs

Local Programs

Program locations:
Boston area

The Local Program is the programmatic base of DREAM’s direct service. The Local Program, in its most basic form, consists of three groups coming together: a college or university campus and its group of mentors, the youth and families from one of DREAM’s housing partners and one individual assigned to support the program from our staff. On occasion, representatives from the college campus or housing partner are included as well.

The functions of the Local Program are decided by its members; students from the college or university work alongside the youth and families to plan the best activities possible. The DREAM model strives to empower members of the Local Program to “DREAM big” and “own” their program. The DREAM Support Staff continually provides models for activities and encourages programs to fit the model to their campus and their population. Essential pieces of the DREAM model for activities include DREAM days (their weekly meeting between mentor and mentee), adventure trips (including Culminating Experiences and High Adventures) and community events (examples include community dinners or homework club).

Our Support Staff reports on each Local Program with Monthly Snapshots and for some locations, Quarterly Reports. Find reports about the Local Program that interests you by choosing Boston area or Vermont.


Boston area

  • Madison Park paired with Northeastern University (est. 2009)
  • Orchard Gardens paired with Northeastern University (est. 2009)
  • Putnam Gardens paired with Harvard University (est. 2011)
  • Somerville Housing Authority paired with Tufts University (est. 2011)
  • Charlesview Community paired with Boston University (est 2015, not on map)


  • Cecil B Moore Village Apartments paired with Temple University (est. 2013)
  • Fairhill Appartements paired with Temple University (est. 2013)
  • Westpark Apartments paired with University of Pennsylvania (est. 2014)



  • Birchwood Manor paired with Champlain College (est. 2004)
  • Elm Street paired with University of Vermont (est. 2002)
  • Franklin Square paired with St. Michael’s College (est. 2003)
  • Franklin Street paired with University of Vermont (est. 2005)
  • Hickory Street/Forest Park paired with the College of Saint Joseph (est 2014, formally the Castleton State program)
  • Hollow Drive paired with Dartmouth College (est. 1999)
  • Johnson State College paired with the Johnson Elementary School (est. 2012)
  • Northwoods paired with Dartmouth College (est. 1999)
  • Pine Meadow and Peter Coe paired with Middlebury College (est. 2008)
  • Riverside paired with University of Vermont (est. 2008)
  • Salmon Run paired with the University of Vermont (est 2012)
  • Town of Poultney paired with Green Mountain College (est. 2008)
  • Union Square and Windsor Apartments paired with Dartmouth College (est. 2001)
  • Willowbrook paired with Bennington College (est. 2008)