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Thank you for helping close the opportunity gap!

We seek a world in which all children have the opportunities, resources, and relationships necessary to achieve their dreams. Your gift helps close the gap in trusting relationships, summer enrichment, out-of-school experiences, and post-secondary support for children in low-income households. Thank you.

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​Please contact our CEO, Mike Foote, at or (802) 578-5978 with questions about donations.

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The DREAM Program
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The DREAM Program
41 Dearborn St
Roxbury, MA 02119

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The DREAM Program

c/o DREAM Philly
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Do you want to support DREAM throughout the year?  Then become a sustaining DREAM donor with a recurring donation!  Here's how: Donate online using our "Razoo" platform here and then indicate the frequency at which you would like the donation to occur (weekly, monthly or annually).

Donor-Advised Fund

Recommend a gift to DREAM through your donor-advised fund! For simplicity, tax-efficiency, and no transaction fees, a gift from a donor-advised fund can provide powerful support to DREAM (The DREAM Program, Inc; EIN 26-0030908).

Donate Stock

Giving stock may provide greater tax benefits than giving cash. Your broker can assist in making a gift of stock (our direct transfer form is here)

Celebratory and Memorial Gifts

Honor a loved one, celebrate a new life, or make a wedding or other special event even more special with a one-time gift or giving registry for guests. Link to create your fundraising page here.


Planned Giving

With a planned gift, including bequests, life income gifts, and more, you can combine your desire to donate with your overall financial planning goals. Planned giving gives you a special connection to the DREAMers, helping them now and for years to come.

​If you are interested in planned giving, get in touch with your attorney as well as the DREAM office to consider your many options.


Item Donation 

As our property grows and we continue to improve the quality of our adventure bases we are often looking for materials and appliances. Check out our wishlist or contact for more information.

Thank you for your generosity; your gifts sustain this organization!

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