New Alumni

New Alumni

Welcome to the Alumni Organization and congratulations on your recent graduation! The DREAM Program is excited to introduce you to the Alumni Organization and all the ways you can stay involved with DREAM as a member of the Alumni Organization.

First, please take a few minutes to help DREAM collect information to make our program better by filling out our New Alumni Survey. Be sure to choose the correct one - mentor or mentee:

An introduction to the Alumni Organization

The Alumni Organization’s mission is to engage Alumni as lifelong members of the DREAM community. To do that, the organization strives to provide avenues for alumni and friends of DREAM to connect with and support the Local Programs. 

  • The Alumni Council: The Alumni Council monitors the organization, its actions and its constitution and is includes of a president, a constitution keeper, a chairperson for each initiative and a member of the DREAM’s staff.
  • Alumni Initiatives: The Alumni Organization has four main initiatives. You can stay involved by chairing an initiative or by simply joining a committee that is working on a particular initiative. The initiatives are:
  • Social Media
  • The Blue Wagon: A new issue of the alumni newsletter is published each month. You will receive an e-copy if you are on the Alumni email list. If you are interested in contributing to the Blue Wagon, email
  • Social Events: Alumni reunions are common in larger cities where a concentration of members have moved. Stay tuned to The Blue Wagon and social media to find out if a gathering is happening near you or email if you are interested in hosting or organizing a gathering.
  • Donate: Making a financial contribution is another important way alumni can support DREAM's work.  Donations of all sizes are greatly appreciated.