Frequently asked questions

What is Camp DREAM?
Camp DREAM is a rustic, residential, overnight
summer camp located on 50 acres of land by
Metcalf Pond in Fletcher, VT, about an hour

northeast of Burlington. Campers sleep in “lean-
to” cabins, explore the woods, eat delicious food,

and watch crazy skits around the campfire, all
under the supervision of DREAM staff. Since
2004, over a thousand DREAM youth have
attended Camp DREAM.

Why should my child or teen go?
A session spent at Camp DREAM will:
• Increase campers’ confidence, leadership
skills, and trust.
• Connect campers to new friends from
DREAM programs in Vermont, Boston, and
Philadelphia; we’re all in this together!
• Give campers a sense of the powerful
potential of the outdoors; whether it’s a
space for adventure or a space for quiet and
calm, they can shape their own needs.
• For campers who attend year over year,
they are more likely to stay involved with
their DREAM programs, take summer jobs in
DREAM, and graduate from high school.

What is the cost?
Camp DREAM is FREE for every
eligible youth in DREAM.

Located at: 1618 Taylor Rd, East Fairfield, VT 05448


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Camp DREAM offers your child or teen a
chance to experience many activities:
• Swimming and Canoeing on beautiful Metcalf Pond
• Field trips (a local farm, hiking, other area attractions)
• Games and sports (soccer, “Commando”,
teambuilding games)
• F.O.B. (“Flat On Bunk”: a daily time to relax after
• Songs, skits, and campfires (including a weekly talent
• “Camp Spirit” (daily friendly notes to everyone at
• Delicious and healthful kid-friendly food, such as
pizza, fresh fruit, sandwiches, salads, pasta, s’mores,
and veggies from our garden
• And many other yet-to-be-imagined activities!

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Bath House


Staff Cabin