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2023 Summer Member Highlight: Viktoria Worthen-Sluz

Viktoria is a Senior at UVM, Majoring in Psychology. She is hoping to go to grad school for school psychology after her upcoming spring graduation. Viktoria likes to read, ski, and is learning to play the ukelele!

Summer 2023 Wrapped: 

Viktoria served a group of 8 mentees at the Hillcrest Site in St. Albans with a team of 3 Enrichment Coordinators.

What was the highlight of your service?

Our best field trips were our regular outings to a local community pool that had waterslides and other water features. The kids had sooo much fun there, and we spent a lot of time there over the summer since it was often super hot.

What were the challenges you experienced? 

Since they live in the same community together it can be tough when kids are spending time with each other outside of DREAM and conflicts that arise may impact their interactions at DREAM. Sibling dynamics can also be tough to navigate for similar reasons! The training that was provided by DREAM was really helpful in providing the tools to help navigate those situations.

Are there any notable or special moments you want to share?

On the last day of summer, we went to the waterpark at Jay Peak. The best part was that the SEC team worked so hard to coordinate it all of summer and we left it as a surprise to the kids and told them it wasn’t able to work out but that they would make something special happen. The kids’ reaction was so rewarding once we revealed the surprise of where we were going! 

How would you describe your DREAM experience in a phrase or a few words?

It was an insightful, rewarding, and overall an amazing experience to meet lots of incredible people and have the privilege to get to know a group of such wonderful kids.

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