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COast 2 Camp is officially live - good luck!

Thank You for Embarking on this Journey

Coast-2-Camp is officially live! There are 217 of us, people-powering 10 buses 3500+ miles across the country, from the coast of California to Camp DREAM in the north woods of Vermont.

Taking place from Saturday, May 1st to Monday, May 31st, the virtual relay is part fundr aiser, part celebration as we reopen DREAM for in-person summertime programming.

Each team is fundraising for a different DREAM impact initiative. Together, you will be supporting mentoring, summer enrichment, new initiatives, overnight Camp programs, and much more. Collectively, we have a goal of raising $100,000 to help DREAM achieve its mission of closing the opportunity gap. ***Don't forget that the dollar-for-dollar match from our partner Community Bank is now live (they will match up to $100 per donation, for a total investment of $15,000, from May 1st to the 7th). We hope you take full advantage of this incredible offer and get the word out to your networks right away!*** Below are some pointers as you make your way across California in the first leg of your journey.

It's time to rally your team! Be sure to touch base with all the runners in your squad and make sure they are all ready to push the pace, and embark on this epic relay. Touch up your team page, and see how you are doing on the Leaderboard, and Map Tracker (Updated Daily).

2. Be Ready for Your First Physical Activity, and Team Activities. Any Journey Begins with the first step! Go to the Activities page, and you will see a collection of cards with ways to move your bus. Click on move your bus through Physical Activity, to either link a Strava Account, or manually input your activities.

Stay on the lookout on the Activities page for team mileage boosts (aka completing activities posted by DREAM's feisty Woodland Creatures). You can also complete personal challenges designed by you, and your fellow racers, for 3-Miles Each!

3. Share Your Adventure on Social Media At the center of this event is the opportunity for us to raise critical funding for DREAM’s operations. Each team has a specific fundraising impact initiative. We hope your team’s objective resonates with you and motivates you to share your fundraiser with friends, colleagues, family, and others in your network. Use Social Media to celebrate the adventure, sharing with our #DreamCoast2Camp, or uploading photos with your physical activity.

4. Fundraising The more funds we raise, the more DREAM can give back to the awesome communities that we serve! Every donation counts, so be sure to share your team's page with everyone you know and encourage everyone to contribute, no matter how big or small, so as many buses can make it across the country as possible! This is especially important as various matching gifts are offered by our sponsors throughout the race. We encourage you to send an email a week over the four weeks. Social media posting can be helpful too. We also encourage you to reach out personally to people you know who will be excited to support you. Let them know how much it would mean to have their help! One-on-one connection is the best way to fundraise. There are sample emails on our Fundraising FAQ page, to riff off if you would like!

5. Registration Packet & Rest Stops You are set to receive a race t-shirt, welcome letter, and DREAM sticker in the mail. There will also be virtual Rest Stops along the way, where each member of your team will receive a gift of appreciation and encouragement from DREAM and our partners!

Please let us know what questions you have, we look forward to moving across the country with you and the Tnaiges, and can’t wait to see DREAM youth back in person come June. With appreciation and excitement, -DREAM

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