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Combating Summer Slide: How DREAM’s Summer Enrichment Program Leads the Way

As the school year winds down, educators and caregivers alike face the perennial challenge of the "summer slide" – the loss of academic skills and knowledge over the long summer break. This issue has been exacerbated by the post-pandemic literacy crisis in the U.S., where many students are struggling to regain their pre-pandemic reading levels. At DREAM, we recognize the urgency of this situation and have crafted our Summer Enrichment program to combat summer slide head-on. Our commitment is encapsulated in our four summer objectives: building competent readers, fostering problem solvers, inspiring artists and creators, and boosting healthy minds and bodies.

Building Competent Readers

Reading proficiency is the cornerstone of academic success, and our summer program places a strong emphasis on literacy. We incorporate engaging group read-aloud sessions, where DREAM youth can listen to and discuss a variety of exciting stories. This not only improves their listening skills but also encourages a love for reading.

Independent reading is another key component. We provide a diverse selection of books tailored to different reading levels and interests, ensuring that every student can find something they love. Fun activities, like baking and reading the instructions, teach practical literacy skills in a hands-on environment.

To reinforce our literacy initiatives, we're launching a Book Drive. With the generous support of private donors and stakeholders, we're collecting books and matching donations to build our site and personal libraries for our youth.  We are excited by the results of this initiative and are proud to share that each summer enrichment site will have its own mini-mobile library of books. This ensures all of our DREAM youth have access to quality reading materials all summer long.

Fostering Problem Solvers

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are essential for lifelong success. DREAM’s summer curriculum includes interactive activities that challenge youth to think creatively and analytically. Through science experiments, math puzzles, and group projects, we encourage youth to ask questions, test hypotheses, and develop solutions collaboratively.

Inspiring Artists and Creators

Creativity is not just an artistic endeavor; it's a crucial part of innovation and problem-solving. Our summer program offers a variety of art and craft projects, music lessons, and creative writing workshops. These activities allow youth to express themselves, explore new mediums, and develop a sense of artistic identity.

Boosting Healthy Minds and Bodies

Physical health and mental well-being are just as important as academic skills. DREAM’s summer program includes daily physical activities, from organized sports to free play, ensuring that youth stay active. We also incorporate mindfulness exercises and nutrition education to promote overall well-being.

Addressing the Post-Pandemic Literacy Crisis

The pandemic has left a significant gap in literacy skills among youth across the United States. DREAM is committed to addressing this crisis through our comprehensive summer enrichment program. By focusing on literacy and combining it with problem-solving, creativity, and physical health, we provide a holistic approach to education that prepares youth for the upcoming school year and beyond.

Join Us in Fighting the Summer Slide

We invite our community of private donors and stakeholders to support our mission. By participating in our summer enrichment program, you can help provide the resources necessary to keep our DREAM youth reading and learning all summer long.

Together, we can make a significant impact on the lives of our DREAM youth, ensuring they return to school in the fall not just maintaining their skills, but excelling. Let’s combat the summer slide and build a brighter future for our children with DREAM’s Summer Enrichment program.

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