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DEI Mentoring: Volume II

DEI and Culturally Aware Programming for DREAM Mentors!

Hello DREAMers! Hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday break! Volume Two of DREAM's Diversity, Equity, and inclusion newsletter continues to provide fun and educational resources for you all to incorporate into your lesson plans with their mentees. This volume features a variety of resources from Project READY, TED talk, and Makaha Studios.

1.) Project READY Curated by the UNC and Wake County Public School system, Project READY serves as an online hub of free, professional development modules for education professionals across various industries to improve their knowledge about race and racism, racial equity, and culturally sustaining pedagogy. Their library of resources includes sectioned lesson modules teamed with a coinciding journal guide for teachers and their students to follow along with the curriculum.

2.) TED TALK: We need to talk about an injustice In this engaging and informative TED talk session, acclaimed human rights lawyer and Equal Justice founder Bryan Stevenson provides his detailed insight on the racial imbalances affecting America's Justice System.

3.) Racial Equity Slam Poetry This thoughtful, four-minute montage produced by Phil Poekert and Makaha Studios features several different poetry artists sharing their personal struggles with racial equity in the education system, workplace, and daily lives.

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