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DEI Mentoring: Volume III

DEI and Culturally Aware Programming for DREAM Mentors

Hello DREAMers! Happy New Year, and welcome to the Third volume of DREAM's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Mentoring Newsletter. This set of curated resources is for you to incorporate into your lesson plans with mentees. The volume features a variety of resources from NPR, PBS, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Addressing the Events at the Capitol Personal politics aside, it is essential to either consider how your mentee made sense of the events that took place on January 6th or help them make sense of the events. The article linked below from NPR provides guides on how to have this type of discussion and some ways to help someone cope and move forward. For further guidance, see this great Instagram post by "Miss Katie Sings," a children's music educator who provides a sample conversational style to follow.

Celebrate the New Year Sharing in the celebration of a New Year can be a great way to bond with your mentee. The PBS article linked below provides a terrific summary of how some other countries celebrate. Go through some of them, and ring in the new year around the world with your mentee!

Watch Something Together CBC parenting provides a variety of resources and activities for children. Included on their website are links to five free films to teach kids about diversity. The excellently curated collection can be presented as a mini film festival for your mentees. Less than ten minutes each, after each story you can have a discussion about what was represented, what media they typically consume, and the lessons depicted.

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