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Dream dispatches from the road: Week One

$50,000 Mark Passed!!

On the last day of our matching Gift by sponsor Community Bank, we have just hit the $50,000 mark! Thank you to all participants for their fundraising, and a special thank you to every single one of our donors. Stay tuned, as we will be providing more matching opportunities.

Team M-Squared Takes the Lead Team Mentoring Squared has led the pack crossing through Vegas, the Hoover Dam, and reaching the Grand Canyon! See our map tracker image below. The map tracker page is updated daily, while the leaderboard provides real-time progress. Worried about your team being behind? Not to fear. It is a long race, and there are plenty of boosts to take advantage of (described below).

Get Some Huge Mile Boosts Today As Teams progressed this past week, a couple of mileage boost activities have popped up on the activity page from the "Mini-Bears," the woodland creatures trying to stop DREAMers from returning to camp.1. Ice Cream Social (Santa Monica Pier) 2. Team Playlist (Palm Springs) 3. Push Up Road Block (Mojave Desert) 4. Long Jump (The Grand Canyon). These are one-off activities, that anyone on your team can submit for the entire team. Most are worth 50 miles at once!

Check Out some Personal Challenges for Extra Miles, and Fundraising

Our personal challenges this week have been filled with community cleanups, video games, beautiful sunsets, cute dogs, and chill music. What else can a person ask for? Have a goal you want to accomplish this month, and looking to fundraise more? Create your own personal challenge under the activities page, like running a marathon, and setting a fundraising goal for donors and the community to meet! Personal Challenges also count as 3 miles each, so dive right in.

Please let us know what questions you have! With Appreciation and Excitement, -DREAM

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