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M2 on the Move!

DREAM’s M2 Guided Mentoring Program is making moves in Vermont. Below are a few highlights of their progress while developing high school mentors!

Cabot, VT - Students from Hazen Union High School went on a trip to Burtt’s Apple Orchard in late October. The trip was part of M2's curriculum, which helps students learn about resources in their community.

The students went apple picking through over 10,000 trees and 35 different varieties of apples. Greg Burtt, owner and operator, took the students on a tour of the orchard. They visited the corn maze, store, and play area while Greg described how the orchard thrives by working with the community around it. The students walked away with not just a bag of fresh apples, but also a sense of how connected the parts of their community are.

Hardwick, VT - A week after their trip to Burtt’s Apple Orchard, the M2 Guided Mentoring Team organized a caramel apple event for the students. Utilizing the Home Economics room (another resource in the community), the students discussed the trip while decorating their gorgeous caramel apples. While completing their extension activity and after reflecting on the local business relationships that the orchard has, they were able to recognize the many ways one organization can contribute to its community.

Burtt’s apples and apple cider made for a perfect reward after the discussion!