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Emerging From the Virtual World: New Mentor Orientation

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Philadelphia, PA - New mentor orientation and training is underway at our Beckett Gardens chapter, as DREAM recruits a next generation of mentors for our Village Mentoring program!

Around twenty mentor trainees braved a stormy Friday evening on October 29 to attend the session at DREAM’s office on Jefferson St. in Philadelphia. It was a great turnout given the inclement weather, a testament to the mentors’ interest in our mission. Youth Service Managers Sariyah Andrews and Olivia Molina showed appreciation for the volunteer mentors by hosting a pizza and snack social prior to the beginning of the session.

As often happens in our world of using technology for everything, projector issues inspired Olivia and Sariyah to quickly improvise a portion of training. Taking turns, they walked the trainees through a slideshow sent to their phones and got creative with discussion. A wide range of topics were covered, each essential for becoming an additional, positive adult presence for youth facing a gap in opportunities.

Most of the topics were grounded in DREAM’s Core Beliefs:

  • That the opportunity gap is unfair and unjust,

  • That childhood is a precious part of the human experience and worthy of great investment,

  • That all children have immense potential, and lost potential for one is lost potential for all, and

  • That change is possible.

These are the beliefs that support our vision: A world in which all children have the opportunities, resources, and relationships necessary to achieve their dreams.

The mentor trainees left with their heads swimming in wisdom and floating with potential. DREAM is proud to have them! Thanks to all the new mentors volunteering their time to serve in Philly and to our wonderful managers Olivia and Sariyah for sharing their knowledge!

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