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The origins of SummerCorps

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Long, long ago, deep in the rolling hills of Vermont, there lived an inspiring, close knit community of counselors and youth, playing and DREAMing together.

Fueled by the beating sun and the promise of a summer filled with fun activities, these counselors and youth made a special pact. They would gather each summer season to fulfill their goals of continued learning and personal growth.

This pact became known as “SummerCorps” and it has become one of DREAM’s most loved programs by both community members and youth! As a summer AmeriCorp session, SummerCorps with DREAM allowed community members and college students alike the chance to take their summer job to the next level. Instead of just a job, they'd serve youth and grow together through village mentoring and adventures!

So what exactly does a “SummerCorps” season entail for camp counselors and their mentees?

Well, for starters it's fun for all involved!

Whether you’re ready to channel your inner Picasso with some paint, sing your heart out like Katy Perry, or show off your running skills, SummerCorps has an interactive activity for you!

SummerCorps provides the ability for mentees to work one on one with our summer enrichment coordinators (essentially summer camp counselors) on important developmental skills they need to succeed in an academic environment. Each activity involves the use of critical thinking, reading, and problem solving skills to support mentees on their SummerCorps education journey. As part of DREAM's mission to close the opportunity gap (and achievement gap!), these enrichment activities allow mentees to have fun while exploring and problem solving.

If you're someone who wants to give back to the community for a summer SummerCorps is a great opportunity for you! SummerCorps provides the pathway to unlimited growth in the youth development and programing field. If a summer of service exploring and learning with kids sounds like fun to you, apply to be a summer enrichment coordinators today!

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