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The Power of Mentorship: Jacob Mayotte’s Inspiring Journey from DREAM to Cybersecurity

At DREAM, our mission is to close the opportunity gap for children and teens living in low-income households through deep community collaboration and sustained mentoring relationships. Jacob's inspiring journey from a limited childhood to a promising career in cybersecurity embodies the spirit of our mission and reflects the profound impact of mentorship and support in a young person’s life.

A Childhood of Challenges and Resilience

Jacob's childhood was filled with love but also marked by challenges. With a father juggling the responsibilities of raising five children while battling a terminal illness, Jacob and his siblings often missed out on extracurricular activities and outings with friends. Despite these limitations, Jacob’s father ensured his children had the necessities, even managing to provide the latest video games to brighten their days. However, the absence of broader experiences was a significant gap that needed to be filled.

Discovering DREAM

At just nine years old, Jacob joined DREAM, introduced by friends in his local neighborhood. Through our programs, Jacob experienced the joy of adventure, the warmth of community, and the thrill of learning new things. This was the beginning of a transformative journey. Over the next six to seven years, DREAM opened up a world of opportunities for Jacob, allowing him to explore his interests and build lasting relationships.

Mentorship: A Path to Self-Discovery and Growth

One of the pivotal aspects of Jacob’s journey was the mentorship he received from Sam Gardner, a DREAM mentor alumni. Sam’s support went beyond academics and personal guidance; it was also financial. He helped Jacob navigate high school, provided financial support for college-related expenses, and, most importantly, believed in Jacob’s potential.

“Sam is a great role model and has taught me probably a zillion things but the large themes are: (1) Anxiety is okay to have, don’t let it control you (2) As he says: Fall in love with the: “Grind” // work ethic (3) Assisted in instilling self-confidence!” – Jacob writes.

Sam's mentorship extended to life lessons and personal growth. He taught Jacob that anxiety is a natural part of life and encouraged him to embrace the grind of hard work, all while instilling in Jacob a sense of self-confidence. These lessons became foundational for Jacob, shaping his approach to challenges and his pursuit of excellence.

“He really has himself to thank - we are consistently so impressed with Jacob’s work ethic, positive attitude, and bias towards introspection (i.e., his drive to really understand himself and what brings him fulfillment).” – Sam writes.

​​The Transition to Higher Education: Finding Passion in Cybersecurity

Jacob's transition to college was marked by a significant shift in his perspective. Initially driven by a desire to honor his father's legacy, Jacob’s focus gradually evolved. His first internship with a cybersecurity company was a turning point. It was during this period that Jacob began to see cybersecurity as more than just a field of study—it became his passion. The internship experience, coupled with Sam's persistent encouragement, helped Jacob realize that he truly belonged in the world of higher education and cybersecurity.

A New Chapter: Pursuing a Career in Cybersecurity

Now, as an Associate Governance, Risk, and Compliance Consultant, Jacob is embarking on an exciting new chapter. He is eager to apply his classroom knowledge to real-world challenges and navigate the complexities of his new role. Jacob is particularly excited about the diverse industries he will encounter, from healthcare to finance, each presenting unique and complex problems to solve. This exposure promises to broaden his understanding of the world and deepen his expertise in cybersecurity.

Redefining Success: Personal Growth and Fulfillment

For Jacob, the definition of success has evolved significantly over the years. Initially, success was synonymous with financial stability. However, with Sam’s support alleviating his financial worries, Jacob began to explore deeper, more personal goals. Today, success for Jacob is about continuous learning, personal growth, and achieving milestones that matter to him, such as recently graduating with honors and securing a fulfilling job.

A Testament to the Power of Mentorship

Jacob’s story is a testament to the power of mentorship and the mission of DREAM. Sam's unwavering support and belief in Jacob’s potential played a crucial role in his achievements. From the outset, Sam recognized Jacob’s brilliance and was determined to help him realize his potential. Their relationship, which began through DREAM, has blossomed into a lifelong bond, with Jacob becoming like a brother to Sam.

Jacob (left) and Sam (right) at Jacob's graduation ceremony

Closing the Opportunity Gap

At DREAM, we believe that every child deserves the chance to become their most fully realized self. Jacob's journey from a limited childhood to a promising career in cybersecurity exemplifies how closing the opportunity gap can transform lives. His story inspires us to continue our mission and underscores the profound impact that support, mentorship, and opportunity can have on individuals from low-income households.

As Jacob steps into his new role, he carries with him the lessons, support, and confidence that DREAM and Sam have provided. His journey is just beginning, and we are excited to see all that he will accomplish. Through stories like Jacob's, we are reminded that with the right support, every child has the potential to achieve greatness and close the opportunity gap. Together, we are empowering youth, inspiring dreams, and transforming lives—one community at a time.

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