CAMP Rentals

Camp DREAM is a special place. Since 2004, it has built memories, developed young minds, and provided a safe space for some of the most vulnerable youth in our communities to play, learn, explore, and achieve. Founded as a first-of-its-kind partnership with the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board and the Vermont Land Trust, Camp DREAM is both a protected reserve as well as an overnight camp for children living in low-income housing. 


We want our DREAMers to have a transformative, magical experience, and we hope you do too!

Check out more details about our available rentals below!

What To Expect

We can’t wait to host you! Camp DREAM is a rural, mostly undeveloped 50 acre property with basic facilities. It is outdoor-focused with basic amenities and lots of walking in the woods (more camping than glamping)!


For much of the year, Camp DREAM is in active use – we will likely have campers visiting before and/or after your stay (though not during!). There will be camp gear and supplies out around the property. Also, much of your time will be spent outside (that’s the nature of the place). There are many opportunities at Camp DREAM to explore, play and learn, including hiking, canoeing, swimming, fishing, campfires, gardening, and more. For groups joining us for the winter, there are snowshoes, cross country skis, broomball equipment (for when the lake is frozen), and sleds. 


We are including some resources and considerations to help you prepare to enjoy the property below!


Conference Spaces


Camp DREAM can be a magical place to host a conference. We can make a small screen and projector available upon request. There are many informal, outdoor meeting areas.


The Lodge


The lodge is our main indoor space and should be your first stop when at Camp DREAM. It is unfinished but has no active construction. While the door on the left side of the lodge is unlocked (remains unlocked for emergency purposes), in order to access other doors from the outside, including the basement door, you will need a key. The key is in a lockbox to the left of the unlocked lodge door. The code is 1978 - after you type each number, pull down on the top black lever. If you type the wrong numbers, simply reset by pulling down on the middle black lever. Please replace the key after you are finished, using the same code and method.


Kitchen and Cooking

The lodge kitchen has running water, refrigeration and freezer space, and storage. Available food and drink include basic dry goods and spices, coffee and tea, baking basics (flour, sugar, etc.), aluminum foil and plastic storage, and potable water.


We ask that you leave the camper food for the campers. For cooking and eating, there are utensils, pots and pans, bowls, cups, mugs, and plates. Appliances currently include electric griddle, waffle makers, coffee machines, hot pot, toaster, microwave, and two gas grills. We have a six-burner stove with a griddle. The stove has pilot lights (little flames that stay on when the stove is off) - please do not blow these out!


Please let us know if you have any issues. There is a small clay oven in the garden that is great for making pizzas. There are cleaning supplies, a dishwashing sink with soap and sponges, brooms and mops, and plenty of clean rags. We compost and recycle at Camp DREAM.


Please be aware: DREAM is not a nut and peanut-free orgnization.


We do ask that you plan for your own meals, although we have plenty of suggestions (available upon request).


Sleeping Accommodations

There are four sleeping spaces at Camp DREAM: A 16 person “treehouse,” fully enclosed and elevated on posts (although 8-10 is a more comfortable sleeping arrangement), two open air, 3-walled lean-to shelters, each sleeping 12, and a fully enclosed, wood-heated cabin. All 4 of these sleeping spaces are group-style, with a combination of single and bunk beds (all twin beds).


The treehouse has inflatable mattresses (with manual air pump on hand) and the lean-tos have typical dorm mattresses. The cabin has cots. We have linens available, but sleeping bags are also commonly brought/used. You can see photos of some of the sleeping areas on the Airbnb listing - all but the cabin are all located towards the back of our property and the lodge and restrooms are located at the front (there are no restrooms or running water at the campsites, and it’s a 10-minute walk back to the lodge and bathhouse).


The cabin is located up the hill from the lodge, about a five-minute walk through the woods. We have a small number of tents available as well, upon request.